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Auxilium Finance: Meet The Team.

Updated: May 20, 2022

Welcome to Auxilium

Auxilium was set up by Emma in 2021 after reflecting on a way to utilise her skillset and 20 years of experience to help companies emerge from the Covid lockdown stronger.

After 10 years working in the city of London, Emma relocated back to her home town and set up Auxilium in the beautiful North East of England.

Auxilium is the fresh thinking finance consultancy company you didn't realise your business needed and is easily accessible with being located just off the A66 in Middlesbrough. Covering everything from Personal Tax and VAT submissions; process transformation; management accounts; advising on how to improve your financial position and cash availability, with everything else in between. Complete your details on our contact page and we can see how we can best accommodate your needs.

Emma, Director

Emma has a passion for finding solutions to problems with a collaborative and creative approach, that can enable businesses to run smoothly and focus on what they do, rather than what isn't working well. Drawing down on her 20 years experience from Fortune 100 companies to Private Equity firms and SME's, there has yet to be a project that couldn't be improved or completed.

In her spare time, Emma loves to enjoy walks with her dog (Albie is also the Marketing Director at Auxilium), listening to live music and art.

Kelly, PA

Kelly is responsible for the running of the Auxilium office and supports Emma and her clients. With years of practice expertly juggling children and family life with a professional career, Kelly excels at organisation and is responsible for keeping Auxilium working smoothly for all of our customers.

Albie, Marketing Director & Chief Happiness Officer

Born in just 2019, Albie is relatively new to the business world but excelled in his training and role as a support dog and is always on hand whenever there is a treat to be given or a cuddle needed.

His main role at Auxilium will be to highlight the latest tips and tricks that can help make anyone's tasks that little bit easier for our customer base and followers on social media, as well as the latest news from the business.

Easily find Albie's updates by searching for #AlbiesTipOfTheWeek

Keeping up to date

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